Stengthening Ombudsman Institutions

3027714737_33cffc1af7_b-w1000Most States aspiring to establish strong democratic institutions require the services of well-trained personnel with specialisation in this field of law. Graduating from this Institute, students would be ideally placed to act as leaders and serve as advisors, in the setting up and maintaining of strong Ombudsman institutions that are independent, that act autonomously without fear or favour and that are therefore an effective buffer between the citizen and State authorities.

The services of these graduates should prove to be indispensable to countries, especially developing ones,that need to strengthen the appropriate infrastructure to ensure a strong and efficient Ombudsman service that would adequately perform its function as defender of citizens’ rights. With administrative transparency, accountability, zero tolerance for corruption and respect for human rights featuring high on the national agenda of several countries as a pre-requisite for economic development and growth, the role of the Ombudsman institution in the promotion of good administrative practice has gained a deeper focus.