Ombudsman participates in a symposium on the Human Rights challenges in Europe

The Parliamentery Ombudsman, Mr Anthony C. Mifsud participated in a symposium entitled ‘Human Rights Challenges in Europe II: Populism? Regression of Rights and the Role of the Ombudsman’. The symposium was organisied by the International Ombudsman Institute, The Catalan Ombudsman, and the Parliament of Catalunya was held in Barcelona between the 3rd and 4th of April 2017.

Following the two day discussion, the symposium declared  the ombudsmen should undertake to promote and defend human rights and fundamental freedoms, both economic and social as civil and political. They also asked the European Union states to fully comply with their international obligations on human rights, suppressing states of emergency and suspensions of the European Convention when such limitations are not absolutely essential.

They also require the European Union States to host migrants and refugees, in compliance with the proposal of the European Commission of September 2015, and to treat them in full conformity with international and European human rights conventions and standards, with special attention paid to children’s rights and their best interest.

The full text of the declaration can be found in the following link:



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