Ombudsplan 2017 tabled in Parliament

The 2017 Ombudsplan was tabled in Parliament during yesterday’s sitting by the President of the House of Representatives, the Hon. Anglu Farrugia.

In his first Ombudsplan, the Parliamentary Ombudsman, Mr Anthony C. Mifsud outlines the primary objectives for the ensuing year and makes proposals aimed at strengthening the Ombudsman’s institution. The proposals include the appointment of a Deputy Ombudsman from among the Commissioners to stand in for the Parliamentary Ombudsman when necessary and that the Ombudsman and the Commissioners should have a single longer term of office.

As it was the practice in the previous years, the Ombudsplan 2017, also highlights issues that the Ombudsman considers that deserve particular discussion namely the privatisation of essential services and the need for legislation to regulate lobbying.

The Ombudsplan will be discussed at a later stage during a special sitting of the House Business Committee.


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